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Josephine Oakley ACMT, ITEC
  • Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

  • Manual therapy for the abdominal viscera

  • Certificates in advanced myofascial release techniques

Registered Practitioner of the General Council for Massage Therapies

Registered Practitioner of the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Various techniques will be used in your advanced clinical massage treatment, including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, amma, sports and deep tissue massage. These specialised and sought-after techniques lead the way in the field of massage and are enormously effective in treating all muscular and soft-tissue problems, both in terms of pain and restriction.

The types of problems my clients have benefited mostly (sometimes immediately) from are: any back pain, hip pain, neck problems, shoulder problems (including pain on movement), migraines, headaches, RSI and carpal tunnel syndromes, tennis and golf elbow, leg, knee and foot pain, and abdominal and groin problems. General tension in the body can be alleviated quickly too. 

Pregnant women have experienced great relief receiving treatment throughout their pregnancies, especially when nearing the birth itself, when we focus on pelvic techniques.

I also incorporate manual therapy in treating the abdominal viscera. My patients have found this to be very helpful in relieving anxiety and stress, as well as addressing discomfort in the abdomen, primarily heartburn, constipation and bloating (mostly labelled under the umbrella term 'IBS'), along with menstrual and fertility issues, which can commonly also cause lower back issues.

The treatment I provide is completely tailored to you, and your expectations. Each massage is entirely individual and unique, focusing on your comfort as well as on your pain and its referral.

My goal is getting rid of your pain, increasing your flexibility, and improving your quality of life by releasing the restriction in your muscles and soft tissue that are stopping you and your body.

I work from a clinic in East Oxford.

I am friendly, welcoming, and completely non-intimidating - working in a comfortable environment, with no sign of panpipes or whale song!



Erika, Oxford

"I contacted Josie with an excruciating back injury after receiving no help after repeated visits to the GP. After one 30min treatment, not only had she diagnosed the problem but had relieved most of the pain. After a few more sessions, the pain which had been a daily torment was eradicated. Not only that, she also, through visceral manipulation, has restored my very disturbed menstrual problems, so that I am now ovulating normally and able to try to conceive. 


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Josie - she is genuinely concerned, has a calm and friendly manner, backed up by an in-depth knowledge and ability to explain how the body works in simple terms. As well as eliminating my pain, she provided advice on other areas to focus on, which have brought notable changes in my general well-being."

Sally, Oxford

"Josie is amazing!  I went to see her after months of pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder following an accident on my bike. Even after the first session I could feel a big difference and after only 3 sessions I am pain free. Josie is now helping with my headache and migraines and the early signs are really encouraging. Josie is an absolute joy to be around and despite the sometimes painful massage my body knows she is doing the right thing and can’t wait for next session! I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

Emily, Australia

"What can I say? Josie is incredible. She made sense of aches and pains that I have suffered for more than ten years. She is more than just a massage therapist – she is the muscle whisperer! Somehow she knows exactly what your body needs and how to deliver. I had always thought of massage as something to relieve pain but had never had much success with remedying the source of injuries – Josie changed all that. She worked deep into old injuries and actually helped to fix them – and quickly! I didn’t need to return again and again for an extended period of time – she was absolutely committed to fixing me as quickly as possible. I am totally indebted to Josie and would recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you so much."

Nick, USA

"Josie is the most skilled massage therapist I have ever known. I have used massage as a treatment for sports injury and for relaxation many times before, but no one has changed my body for the better like Josie - not even close. I came to Josie several months after an ankle injury, and while I initially expected to get a 'normal' massage, what I received was far more important. She listens extremely well, and I feel she quickly understood my body even better than I did! After just a few treatments several alignment issues from my ankle injury (many of which I was only peripherally aware of) were permanently corrected, and I can now run again without feeling hesitant. What's more, some other areas of tightness that my body has held for my entire life have also disappeared (I can now sit cross-legged for the first time ever, and an area of my back that used to seize up frequently no longer does so). I didn't ever realize massage could be such a powerful tool for healing - Josie has incredible skill. No matter what you seek from your massage therapy, I have no doubt Josie can deliver it with kindness, generosity, and lasting results. Thanks Josie, your work has made such a difference."

Monika, Oxford

"Josie is friendly and a good listener and spotted and treated all the tight knots in my muscles immediately. But most importantly: making me feel better seemed to be as important for her as it was for me. So I came back, and over time, she helped me a great deal to get back into my running shoes after having sore hips and calves for far too many months. I should have come to see her much earlier, really! Now I am a regular with her to prevent any further injury developing. Although the massage sometimes hurts, I look forward to each appointment as I feel so cheerful and relaxed each time I leave, and can clearly notice the benefits of being looked after by her. I recommend her highly."

Kate, Oxford

"Many thanks Josie! You've been truly amazing both with your skill as a clinical massage therapist and also the time you took to understand my knee injury. I'd been in extreme pain for a number of months following a knee injury with what turned out to be a torn meniscus. I had tried everything with no or minimal relief. I was surprised and delighted that there was significant pain relief after just the one session with you! I could walk again and my knee felt more stable. This has continued to get better with subsequent sessions and I've learned a lot from you on how to support and strengthen my knee. If I hadn't found you I would likely be on crutches by now."

Anonymous, Oxford

"Thank you! I greatly appreciate your warmth, depth of understanding, and evident therapeutic skill. I'm now giving my body time to let me know when I next need to come to I have had no further painful stiffness"

Anonymous, Oxford

"A relaxing session, albeit painful at times in the tightest areas; over a month on though, the positive effects of the massage are still noticeable"

Diana, Abingdon

"I was fortunate to discover Josie through my husband as he had been to her with an achilles tendon problem. He was so impressed with the rapid improvement she achieved that I decided to consult her about a severe back problem that I have had for many years. Although I sometimes found it uncomfortable she has achieved a remarkable improvement that other medical professionals have failed to match and I am no longer worrying constantly about my back in my day to day life. I am continuing to see her once a month to ensure my back stays supple and to give me peace of mind."

Monica, Oxford

"I was amazed at how energised I felt after my first massage particularly as I’d no idea what to expect – so thank you Josie! The stiffness in my shoulders and neck had become increasingly painful over time– making it very hard to ignore! Josie was very sensitive to these tensions in my body and worked on particular pressure points to help increase my mobility and alleviate pain. I was surprised at how immediate the results were, as I could feel the painful knots literally disappear while Josie massaged them. My next session is already booked and I can’t wait!"

Hannah, Oxford

"Josie has a remarkable talent. When you are with her, you know that you could not be in more capable hands but yet she also makes you feel as relaxed as you would with a friend. I have a complex condition - fibromyalgia - which is unpredictable, confusing and very difficult to treat (it is different for everyone - even me, depending on the day!). Josie, however, went out of her way to really listen to me and try to understand what was happening with my body. She did all this with unwavering compassion and care and an impressive clinical knowledge of how my body works and what could be causing me pain. 

I have been to many therapists over the years and never before has anyone taken as much time and energy to understand how best to help me. She zoned in on areas that had been troubling me for years and that no other therapist had managed to pinpoint. I had my first pain-free week in years on my hips after Josie had worked on them! I cannot recommend Josie highly enough. Thanks Josie!"

Rachel, Oxford

"Thanks for the most amazing massage earlier - I'm bouncing up the stairs now, instead of staggering like an old woman!"

Roddy, Reading
Olivia, Oxon

"Josie gave an excellent massage. Her pressure was excellent, her knowledge of the body and understanding of origin and insertions awesome! Josie is very friendly and her ability to make the client at ease is excellent."

"Thanks for yesterday, Josie. It was amazing to walk out with no pain - you're a miracle worker!"

Naomi, Oxford

"Since the massages I have felt more relaxed in my shoulders and upper back – no knots or tension in the mornings/after a day of sitting at a computer. The additional focus on my back made for a very relaxing and, at the same time, invigorating massage. I felt that it was very much tailored to my own back and problem areas rather than following a strict routine. 

However, having said this the way in which it encompassed my whole upper body ensured that despite a focus on problem areas/muscles it felt like a joined-up, soothing process. 

I think Josie’s technique is exceptional, and certainly very well-suited to me. A continuous relaxing process without ever giving the impression of being a set routine. The atmosphere and mood further added to a fantastic experience. Thanks Josie!” 

Katie, Abingdon

"Josie is an expert at making you feel at ease, enabling you to relax both mind and body. She has a confident yet sensitive technique, responding to specific needs and tailoring the massage perfectly. I was left blissfully relaxed, with tensions of daily life left far behind. The head and feet massages were an utter luxury. Highly recommended!"



Your therapy will be individual to you and your requirements, but the price guide is as below:

£39 for 30 mins

Ideal for headache and migraine treatment.


£61 for 60 mins

Primarily ideal for specific clinical massage, (including trigger point therapy) and/or abdominal therapy.



Do friends and family mention headaches, migraines, stiffness, a constant back pain they just 'put up with'? Well, they needn't do. Advanced clinical massage is effective with these, and all manner of pain and restrictions in the body.

£39 for one half hour of clinical massage.

£61 for one hour of clinical massage.

  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable and must be used before their expiry dates.

  • Not applicable to be used by existing clients. A limit of one voucher per person (as their introductory offer) is in place, but multiple gifts may be purchased


I work from a specially designed clinic on Percy street, in the heart of East Oxford

Parking is available on the street, and those surrounding it.

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